Testimonials about the Vision Quest Consulting Team

“Vision Quest Consulting has been a true business partner to our organization. They are skilled consultants in coaching, mentoring, management development and leadership development, from which my team has benefited immensely.”
Dane Donaldson, EVP Customer Service, Technology Company

“Wendy Capland and the Vision Quest Consulting team have a “do what it takes” approach to leadership development and executive coaching. Their integrity, professionalism, commitment and insights help individuals and teams perform at their very best.”
Mike McSally, Prior President, Insurance Company

“The Vision Quest Consulting team is personable, reliable and honest. They have provided thoughtful insights that have been extremely valuable to our organization.”
Dr. Pat Broderick, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Danbury Hospital

“In addition to their phenomenal executive coaching and team building practices, Vision Quest Consulting is a highly effective strategic thought partner. Their holistic approach to leadership development adds great value and gets results. They are a highly responsive team who delivers on everything and then some.”
Kelly Villanueva, VP of Human Resources, Insurance and Healthcare companies

“Designed and delivered by leading consultants, Vision Quest Consulting provides exceptional quality executive coaching and leadership training for senior management.”
John Bonnano, President of Corporate Education Group

“I am proud to be a member of such a dedicated team of expert coaches and trainers. My colleagues have a deep understanding of what motivates and energizes people. They combine great personal warmth with a commitment to driving business results.”
Casey Mitchell, Senior Trainer, Vision Quest Consulting

Personal Development Testimonials

“If you haven’t engaged an executive coach, it is certainly worth a try. I had the chance to work with Wendy Capland, both with our management group as well as one-on-one. Though examining your own leadership style and motivations is not always comfortable, Wendy’s approach to setting deadlines for self-reflection and applying new strategies were a very helpful structure. Through months of discussion, Wendy also helped clarify that the work in which I was engaged was not meeting my needs or my potential. It prompted to me to examine why and what I needed to do in order to change.

As she recently wrote in her newsletter, “The concept of work as a life-long expression of creativity and passion is too often an opposite reality for many people.” She reminds us, though, that life is too short to short-change ourselves. It is true.

Financially, my previous position certainly made it possible to dream about “what’s next” but recognizing my passion and doing something about it was a different story. Nevertheless, having had someone else affirm that making my avocation my vocation was a tremendous source of encouragement.

Today, I am no longer an insurance executive but the executive director of a political grassroots business organization. I swear it is work I was genetically wired to do.

I’d recommend making the investment in Vision Quest Consulting for yourself and your management team. You may discover you have the dream job and the dream team ““ or you may find the courage to go out and find exactly what you were wired to do ““ and enjoy every day doing it.”
Tony Payne, Executive Director, The Alliance for Maine’s Future

Coaching Testimonials

“Vision Quest Consulting is a leader in the promotion of women reaching their potential in the workplace. Their executive coaching and group facilitation services are exceptional.”
Dave Prziek, SVP Sales and Marketing, Healthcare Company

“Through intense coaching sessions, I learned how to be both a better listener and leader within the corporate environment. In addition to personal coaching for my staff, and me, Vision Quest Consulting has also provided quarterly Business Strategy and Leadership Sessions for my team and me. These interactive sessions, together with personalized coaching have produced measurable results for my colleagues, my senior team, and me. I find myself today to be much more confident, decisive, focused, and impactful not only within my business environment but also in my personal life. I have similarly found leadership growth with my direct reports. Since coaching began, our department has truly had much greater visibility and impact within our corporate setting, thanks to the work Vision Quest Consulting has done with us. I sincerely believe that as a result of my working with Vision Quest Consulting, my responsibilities have recently increased to bringing my Department’s staff to 162 individuals, with a budget of over $16 million.”
Robert Scheinerman, Senior Vice President

“I very much enjoyed working with you. I was struck by your passion, your breadth, your ease, and your reassuring, steadying manner and approach. I didn’t doubt that it would occur, but I must say that I was truly impressed by your ability to connect and, individually inspire us around what we can do together. You have a wonderful gift at helping folks redefine what is possible.”
Rob Mangrove, Director

Training Testimonials

“Improving my ability to make requests clearly and making alterations in my communication approach have been beneficial to improve my efficiency of achieving my personal, professional and institutional goals.”
Thomas J., MD

“In 32 years, this was the best Negotiations Course I’ve ever attended!”
Candi Peterson, Senior Manager

“Instructors were incredible in adapting scenarios to one that related to us!”
Alice Cooper, Supervisor

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