Leadership Development for Top Talent
We help individuals expand their leadership capacity and step into their full potential and assist organizations to develop their top talent.


Vision Quest Consulting is a top-level executive development firm located in the Boston area.  We have more than 30 years of experience guiding and developing leadership skills among thousands of executives in Fortune 1000 companies. We specialize in assisting high potential and top talent leaders to step into their A-Game by expanding their potential and ability to perform their personal best, inspired their teams to develop their personal best, and be a driving force in organizational change.

We believe investing in the potential of your best people is the key to business success. We help your executives and their teams achieve their leadership potential through Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, and Team Building and Facilitation, and our robust and cutting edge Women’s Leadership Development programs.

What is Leadership?

By definition, leadership is inspiring and motivating others towards a common vision and goals in order to attain a company’s short and long-term goals and strategies. How one goes about doing this determines leadership success or failure.

  • Self awareness is a critical step to help leaders become more effective while inspiring confidence among others
  • Leaders must discover which unconscious behaviors and beliefs they have that are working against them in obtaining the results they want
  • Leadership is a practice; therefore having the right skills and toolsets to implement is essential for success and satisfaction
  • Every Olympic athlete who is at the top of their game has a coach to keep them playing in top form, so must every leader who wants to be step into their full potential and play their best game every day
  • To be prepared for more senior roles, leaders need to focus more of the time on “who they are” and “how they behave” in order to increase their execution excellence and develop strong key stakeholder relationships
  • Learning what it takes to reach one’s own highest potential and helping others in the organization to do the same requires continuous learning and personal growth

Why Leadership Development?

An effective leadership team is critical to the success and growth of a company. Developing a deep pool of leadership talent requires dedication and ongoing commitment. A company must focus strategically on developing leadership that will meet its needs both now and in the future. Individuals in leadership roles must learn to optimize their strengths and enact strategies to address their shortcomings.

How to Develop Leadership?

Vision Quest Consulting provides a holistic approach to leadership development:

  • Assess current leadership capability
    Leadership development starts with an understanding of existing strengths and weaknesses among individuals and the leadership team
  • Develop leadership skills through behavioral change
    Executive coaching and leadership training help individuals better understand their leadership strengths, identify behaviors that impede their ability to lead, and develop new leadership competencies such as:
    • Leading teams
    • Managing up
    • Influencing peers and direct reports
    • Navigating politics
    • Communicating effectively
  • Build organizational leadership
    Team building, group facilitation and meeting management help:
    • Clarify goals
    • Align team members
    • Build cross-functional relationships
    • Minimize negative impacts of silos
    • Allow effective leadership skills to be put into practice
    • Achieve desired business results
  • Measure leadership development results
    We provide metrics, models and tools to evaluate the impact of our leadership development programs, assess ongoing needs and reinforce client return on investment

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