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We provide programs, resources, and inspiration to help leaders make their next bold move. We help individuals create and put into action solutions to their toughest professional challenges. “Your Next Bold Move” TV show, airing in over 2.5 million households monthly, is just one of our resources to help you.

Leadership: Motivational Management Episode
Guest: Casey Mitchell. A recent Gallup poll reports that only 30% of employees are actively engaged in the workplace and 52% are not, having little passion for their work nor a deep sense of connection to their organization. These 52% put in their time but there is no real energy or passion in their work. And the remaining 18%? They are actively disengaged. They are not just unhappy; they are acting out their unhappiness, often undermining what engaged employees set out to achieve—and they are costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity. Regardless of your industry or the size and structure of your organization, you can create the kind of environment in which people are actively engaged. This course explores the nature of motivation as a means of driving organizational success. Learn from our guest, Casey Mitchell, senior trainer with Vision Quest Consulting, how to unlock the mystery of what drives people to want to do their best work and foster the ability for people to achieve their full potential.

Leadership : Managing Talent and Performance Episode
Guest: Casey Mitchell is a senior trainer with Vision Quest Consulting, and teaches individuals in companies how to manage their talent and performance. This episode is to introduce ways to develop your own talent and the talent and performance of your most important resource — your people. Organizations that are best able to capture, harness, and develop their human capital will flourish and succeed over the long term. Any organization’s success is determined by the performance of their people. Successful organizations are those that have an all-encompassing approach to talent and performance management as they are able to link tools, systems, people, and processes together to motivate employees to work at their peak, keeping them aligned with the culture and corporate objectives, and building future leaders throughout the enterprise.

 Leadership: Choose Good Health Episode
Guest: Sheryl Scipione Sheryl is a walking medical and personal miracle. Just a year ago, she had high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid cancer, got fired from her job, and got rear ended in 2 car accidents within 4 months. And then she found out her daughter had cancer. Things could not have gotten much worse, and as Sheryl says, at our women’s retreat, decided she had a choice to live or let it all bring her down. She chose health and life. She is now focused on health, has made a career change and is healthy, all without drugs and medication. Her story will inspire and inform you to increase your health and turn your life around.

 Leadership: Take Yourself to the Next Level Fitness Episode
Guest: Kelly LaCasse, Master of Fitness & Nutrition Design; Food Psychology Coach A great individualized health approach to taking care of your diet and exercise. Kelly shares tips to improve your habits and make some lasting choices in your day to day life. Did you know, there is no such thing as overeating? Did you know if you eat certain foods at certain times of the day, you can actually reduce your calorie count? Did you know you shouldn’t weigh yourself more than twice a month? Learn the answers to these questions and much more. Take your fitness and health to the next level!

 Take The Lead – Make It Your Leadership Priority Episode
Guest: Betsy Myers, Executive Director, Bentley University’s Center for Women & Business. Past senior adviser to President Obama and President Clinton. Our leadership business series continues with our guest Betsy Myers. Betsy is the recent author of “Take the Lead; Motivate, Inspire, and Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You.” Betsy shares her passion about how leaders make others feel and how you too can have a profound impact on everyone around you whatever your role.

Leadership Tips for Influencing Key Stakeholders Episode
Guest: Michele Gravelle, Senior Trainer Vision Quest Consulting
Our leadership business series continues with our senior leadership trainer talking about moving your ideas forward and getting others to buy in easily and effortlessly. Being prepared is the key. This segment allows you to think through all of the implications of presenting a big idea and prevent you from making key mistakes that often sabotage us and reduce the chances of ideas being considered never mind implemented.

Building Leadership Skills: 3 Secrets to Successful Decision Making Episode

Guest: Michele Gravelle, Senior Trainer Vision Quest Consulting
This episode begins our business and leadership segment and is focused on successful implementation of your decisions. How you plan to get your suggestions implemented whether it’s a work or at home, it really critical. Most of us just barrel our way through or try and manipulate others to say yes to things we want. Using a systematic approach and template to your planning upfront will make it oh so much easier and keep the relationships in tact at the same time.

Leadership: How to Become An Entrepreneur Episode Part 1
Guest: Len Schlesinger, President Babson College Our guest Len Schlesinger, President and prior Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Limited Brands shares his passion for how anyone can be an entrepreneur if you just follow the counterintuitive research on how to not only think differently but more importantly act differently. Len shares the keys to being an entrepreneur, from his vast experience and as recent co-author of the book, “Just Start: How to Succeed at Work and Life in an Increasingly Unpredictable World”. Learn what makes successful entrepreneurs successful as you learn how to minimize risk, attract like-minded people to what you want to do, and understand all there is to do is: Act. Build. And Act again… which as he says is the best course of action when facing the unknown, and an unknowable future. And really all we really know is that we can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, so learning how to deal with the unknown successfully is a magnificent skill to acquire.

Leadership: How to Become An Entrepreneur Episode Part 2
Guest: Charlie Kiefer, President Innovation Associates
In a world where it is more difficult to plan your way to success, trying to achieve your most important business goals can be daunting. Learn the steps to take action now to start or grow an idea into a potential business venture based on the co-author of the newly published book by Harvard Business Press, “Just Start” a book for any entrepreneur or wanna be. Fascinating research, fabulous book, and practical easy advice from our guest, Charlie Kiefer on how to start a business venture AND be successful.

Leadership Tips for Mastering The Art of High Stakes Conversations Episode Part 2
Guest: Michele Gravelle Senior Trainer Vision Quest Consulting
Consulting Our leadership business series continues with Michele Gravelle, our senior leadership trainer as she teaches us how to communicate under pressure especially when dealing with challenging individuals and in the face of strong emotions.

Leadership Tips for Mastering The Art of High Stakes Conversations Episode Part 1
Guest: Michele Gravelle Senior Trainer Vision Quest Consulting
Our leadership business series continues with Michele Gravelle, our senior leadership trainer as she teaches us how to plan for high stakes conversations at work. Learn how to leverage your communication and get your most important ideas across to key stakeholders.

Leadership: Revolutionary Approach to Improve Your Health Episode
Guest: Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner and Owner of Women to Women Health Clinic
Learning how to take care of our health can be confusing with so many doctors and other experts giving us advice. Marcelle Pick is the co-owner of Women to Women Healthcare and has an integrative approach, which not only treats illness, but also helps women make choices in their lives to prevent disease. There is an epidemic of fatigue running rampant in our society. Every morning, hundreds of thousands of women and men wake up to find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed, and overstressed. Groggily turning off the alarm, they reach for coffee, soda, or some other promise of energy. They suffer through the day—irritable, on edge, forgetful, depressed, and craving sweets. And then, at night, they have trouble sleeping. Diet and exercise don’t seem to change things—if they even have the energy to follow these programs. So what on earth is going on? Listen in to find out.

Leadership: How to Avoid Miscommunication Episode
Guest: Andrea Bordenca
Andrea Bordenca, CEO of DESCO Medical and Certified Coach Communicating clearly is a skill to be learned and practiced in order to become masterful. Many interpersonal upsets occurs because the communication between individuals is not clear. Increase your skills and even your work or corporate results by learning the Elements of an Effective Request. Use these skills and you will increase your ability to get what you want.

Leadership: How Do You Figure Out What’s Next Professionally Episode?
Guests: John Agostinelli and Chris Michaud
Our guests John Agostinelli, Owner World Properties-Agostinelli Realty Group and Chris Michaud, Owner Acceptance Group Realty are two highly experienced men who have been in the same line of work and industry for many years. The industry is changing, the market is changing, and therefore their work is changing. Isn’t yours? What options are there and how do you think through what to do next? Maybe their thinking will inspire yours and maybe you can even help them as they move through to their next professional transition.

Leadership: Expanding Your Small Business Episode
Guest: Dr. Vivian Varese
It’s important to continue to look for ways to grow and expand your business. Running a small business requires us to continue to look for ways to keep your business current. What ways are right for you that match your interest and will continue to bring in the right amount of income? Watch how our guest Dr. Vivian Varese thinks about expanding her successful medical practice and getting teaching more people how to take care of their health and well-being.

Leadership: Job Search Strategies Episode
Guest: Kelly Villaneuva
Kelly Villaneuva shares job search strategies. Are you looking for a job? Have you been laid off and trying to figure out what to do next? Our guest, Kelly Villanueva, a senior human resources leader in a financial company, was the person whose job it was to tell employees when their jobs were eliminated and now it has happened to her, personally. Learn strategies and tips from an expert in the field that you can use to build your network and find a new work or career opportunity.

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