Yes, you are in the right place; we’ve just moved!

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And not to worry, we haven’t gone away, we’ve just moved to a new location!

We have combined our businesses and our work with women. The Magic Parties, a community of women supporting women has moved under our primary consulting business, Vision Quest Consulting.

To find out more about our programs and events, visit our events page.

We offer the following programs for women:

  • Women’s Leadership programs, workshops, corporate training, and keynotes for corporations and their women leaders
  • Personal Development retreats and workshops to help women develop their next bold move
    • The Summer Retreat
    • The Personal Leadership Retreat
    • Vision to Success Workshop
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching to help you reach your goals faster than you could by yourself.

As women, we are meant to change the world, with our own unique gifts and talents. What if you are the one we’ve been waiting for?


Hi, I’m Wendy Capland, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting. I have over 20 years working in Fortune 1000 companies with executives, managers and entrepreneurs helping them develop their leadership and exceed their goals faster and better than they could have done by themselves.

I am fascinated with the unfolding of women’s empowerment in the world and passionate about helping women to change the world, with their unique gifts and talents and helping them take their next bold step.

Take a look at our women’s retreats. Isn’t it time you took your next bold step?”

The Women’s Summer Retreat
Personal Leadership Retreat

9 Steps to Creating
Your Next Bold Move”