• GO TO PARIS with your like-minded tribe of women to retreat from work and the demands of life to think, vision and explore what you really want next?
  • BRIGHTEN your light to woman-a-fest yourself, your work and your best life?
  • BOLDLY CREATE a future you’ve not yet allowed yourself to dream possible (aka your next bold Shero move)?

If you answered YES! to any of the questions above, then join Wendy Capland and and Kelly Sullivan Walden, in the city of lights for an enchanted 3½ day SHERO PARIS RETREAT on June 29-July 2!

A Shero is a female hero, a heroine in her own right. A Shero expands into her greatest unfolding potential and lives in her full expression. She is the feminine power within us, whose intent is to create an extraordinary life for herself and for those whose lives she touches. Stepping into and living as a Shero is an extraordinary journey and activates our higher purpose and unleashes our potential impacting our communities and beyond… rippling out into the world.

In this 3½ day Retreat we will:

  • Take a deep dive into ourselves, our capabilities, and create space to expand, empower, embrace and wo-manifest the next phase of our bold journey.
  • Together in this intimate circle of women, and facilitated by Wendy Capland and Kelly Sullivan Walden, you will breakthrough what is waiting to be birthed next.
  • Through the exploration of spirit, soul, and heart-centered work united together with practical application for your work and your life; we promise you a rich experience of accessing and unleash your inner Shero anew.

This Shero day will be the perfect place for you to be if you want to deeply expand more of hat you are capacle of…the Shero inside you that longs to be unleashed in all her glory!

BTW, Did you know…Paris, besides being the most well lit city in the world—La Ville Lumière—played a major role during the 18th century in bringing about the “Age of Enlightenment” as it was not just a place for lovers, but a center of education, philosophy and learning.


We thought it only apropos that in order to support you in truly become the “100 watt bulb” version of your Shero self, we should host our next Shero retreat in a city known for illumination!

At our Enchanted SHERO PARIS RETREAT in your free time, you may enjoy:

  • Yoga each morning led by a talented local Expert Yogini
  • Pampering yourself in accommodations that would make Mozart and Marie Antoinette jealous
  • Gallivanting through the cobblestone streets, baguette in hand, neck scarf off to the side blowing in the wind
  • Taking a meditative stroll along the countryside that surrounds the mansion where we will be staying together as a group
  • Dining on Parisian delicacies (some catered, some dining together in the city)

During the “work” portion of our SHERO PARIS RETREAT, we promise you an immersive, transformational and experiential program that will:

  • Advance your goals and dreams with grace, ease, awareness, and unapologetic empowerment
  • Elevate you as you create an action plan to accomplish your most extraordinary Shero goals
  • Enhance your creativity, stimulate innovative thinking, and become more accountable to what is most important to you
  • Navigate your next steps with unconditional support
  • Awaken the Shero within you—and keep her awake—so you can be the most lucid feminine force you are capable of!

Everything is included for one incredible price!

Our Enchanted SHERO PARIS RETREAT includes:

  • Yoga each morning with an Expert Yogini
  • 3 delicious meals each day (except for a group dinner out in the city)
  • An intensive Shero program agenda with group coaching with Wendy Capland and Kelly Sullivan Walden
  • 4 nights accommodations at the mansion of Saint-Germain-en-Laye


This stunning seventeenth century mansion has a past that is rich in history. It was originally the residence of the Duke of Noailles, Marshal of France under the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King. The property was built in 1679 by the famous architect Mansart, who was in charge of the design of the Château de Versailles and of the reconstruction of the Château Vieux, the royal residence of Saint Germain en Laye. In an estate combining modern elegance and traditional décor, you’ll find yourself plunged into the world of the French aristocracy in the time of absolute monarchy. The present building is what remains of the palace after the ravages of the French Revolution.

On the ground floor, the rooms overlook a large tree-lined garden, an exceptional asset in the heart of Saint Germain en Laye and especially so close to Paris. The enormous garden offers a welcome retreat from the hectic bustle of life in this little historic town and from the buzz of Paris.


INVESTMENT: Total program value: $10,000


We ONLY have space for 10 women maximum! First come, first served!

*Includes everything (program, meals, and accommodations) with the exception of travel fees.

If deposit of $1,000 is paid by May 1st you save $500 (only pay $2,995). Total balance due June 1st

In case you need more enticement, feast your eyes on our accommodations below.