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Leadership Coaching Matters-March 2013
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Leadership is a Science and an Art
Pebble in the Pond
We help corporate leaders accomplish their top results faster, better, and with more fulfillment than they can do by themselves through our 
Executive Coaching, Corporate Training,
Team Facilitation and Personal Development Retreats.  

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Women's Leadership
Women's Empowerment
We run two open enrollment retreats every year for women who want to create a bold move as they take time out of their busy lives to reflect, re-invent, and re-juvenate themselves personally and professionally.  

We also deliver Corporate Women's Leadership programs, workshops and keynotes.  A partial client list: 
Monitor Group
Hologic Corporation
Simmons College Alumni
Dassualt Systemes
Simmons College Annual Leadership Conference

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Dear (insert first name),

At Vision Quest Consulting, we are busy with preparing for the Simmons College Leadership Conference as we are the provider of Leadership Coaching at the conference.  3700 women will be attending.  It is certain to be a big happening.
The goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year are either working in our favor or not so much.  This month's newsletter is focused on how to "be" to create the results you want. In which area, are you most challenged?

9 Steps to Creating Your Next Bold Move Cover 3 Secrets to Getting the Results You Want


I was thinking of leadership today (occupational hazard, I’m afraid) and wondering what might inspire and help us move our goals forward.  Here’s what I know.  Leaders do their work through others with a combination of doing the right things and what we call in my line of work, “who we be.”  Another way of saying this is, leaders inspire other people to move the goals forward by combining what they do with who they are to get results.  Doing and being.

I really love this concept of doing and being.  I’m so good at the doing side of the equation.  Just look at how much I did last month to move my goals forward (read last month’s newsletter).  Impressive actually; well at least I think so.  And the sense of accomplishment I have in my progress is strong and I feel satisfied that I am on track.  Of course, I would feel better if I was done, but to get to a big goal (and all three feel huge to me), requires time, patience, and stick-to-it-ness. 

I am not so good at the "being" part, as I am naturally inclined to drive results through action, execution and implementation.  I often wonder what will I actually get done if I slow down and listen to my intuition or smell the roses etc.  I should know better, especially since, Take a Time Out is step #2 in my book,“9 Steps to Creating Your Next Bold Move; A Guide for Women Who Want to Turn Their Ideas and Dreams Into Reality and I know logically, the most effective away to execute is to combine the action of doing and the art of being.

3 Secrets to "Being"
I’ve learned to schedule “being” into my days and weeks, making sure I make the time to connect to my intuition and listen to my gut.  Here are my secret weapons.

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to move your goals forward



2013 Open Enrollment Personal Leadership Programs and Workshops
The Women's Summer Retreat
July 18-19, 2013  Lake Winnisquam, Sanbornton, NH
Registration open. Register now. Space limited.
Personal Leadership Retreat for Women
November 9-10, 2013 Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA
Registration open.  Register now.
Vision to Success Workshop
November 8, 2013 Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA
Registration open. Register now.

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Your Next Bold Move TV Show


"Your Next Bold Move" is a monthly cable TV show for those people who want to make a next bold move and need professional development and resources to put themselves in action.


Leadership Question

Leadership Questions

Use these questions to move your leadership forward.  

This month's question is about developing your leadership.

Ask yourself…..

What is one thing you should change in order to increase your chances of successfully implementing one of your  goals? For me, I have to do less adminstrative work, even if I think I can do it faster if I just did it myself.


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