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October 2013
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Leadership is a Science and an Art

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We help corporate leaders accomplish their top results faster, better, and with more fulfillment than they can do by themselves through our 
Executive Coaching,Corporate Training, Team Facilitation and Personal Development retreats.  

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Women's Leadership

Women's Empowerment
Check out our speaking, keynotes and programs on Women and their leadership at WendyCapland.com

We run two open enrollment personal Women's Leadership Retreats every year for women who want to create a bold move as they take time out of their busy lives to reflect, re-invent, and re-juvenate themselves personally and professionally.  

We also deliver Corporate Women's Leadership programs, workshops and keynotes.  A partial client lis includes: 
The Conference Board
Hologic Corporation
Simmons College Alumni
Dassualt Systemes
Simmons College Annual Leadership Conference

Call us to discuss what's possible for the development of the  women's leadership in your organization.

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Wendy Capland

Dear [First Name],

Leadership development is shifting.  It's not that we've been doing it all wrong all these years, I just think we have put so much focus on developing skills and competencies that we've left out the personal aspect of leadership; Leadership of the self. 

Our leadership excellence starts with learning how to lead ourselves and all the challenges we face as we create personal habits that don't serve us or our organziations.  Many of these ways of operating are so engrained in the way we do things, we hardly even notice them anymore. If you really want to blast through your effectiveness, come to one of our upcoming programs, and take a good long look at yourself and where you are feeling successful and areas where you are not! Isn't it time you did something instead of just thinking about it. 

Check out our Vision to Success Workshop and our Personal Leadership Retreat for Women.


Authentic Leadership

I like to think about leadership in a simple yet powerful way. Here it is: Leadership consists of what you do and who you be.

What you do. The “what you do” side of leadership is your technical expertise and experience that you bring to your job. It’s your education, your years of experience, and the fundamental skills of your leadership role, that includes things you might see measured in a 360 like strategic thinking, communication, driving performance, and building a strong team.

Who you be. The “who you be” side of leadership is the man or woman you are as you lead others.  Are you authentic, trustworthy, of your word, someone who empowers and inspires others, make people feel valued, caring…the heart and inner side of your leadership.

Both what you do and who you be are part of an intricate  .read more>


Upcoming Leadership Programs


Personal Leadership Retreat for Women
November 9-10, 2013
Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA
Registration open.  Bring a girlfriend discount.  Don't miss out on this once a year opportunity.
Find out more and register now.


Come join our speakers: Marcia Martin, Charles Glassman, MD, Debi Silber, and Wendy Capland at this unique and inspiring Personal Leadership Retreat for Women.


Vision to Success Workshop
November 8, 2013
Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA
Registration open. Register now. 5 seats left!


Create your next big professional move with this life changing workshop with Wendy Capland, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting.




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Many organizations develop what seems like solid leadership development initiatives, and in spite of good intentions and lots of time and money, don't really create many changes in business results or shifts in cultural behaviors.  I think the key to long term extraordinary leadership development is through the window of authentic leadership and the impact of this approach personally and organizationally.

Are you really satisfied with your leaders’ ability to manage and lead in the face of accelerated change, budget crunches and headcount reductions?

If you'd like to talk about solutions to raise the leadership in your organization, we would be delighted. Click here to start the conversation.




Leadership Question

Leadership Questions
Use these questions to move your leadership forward.  

This month's question is about developing your leadership

Ask yourself…..

What's the one thing you could do that would create a transformational cascade for your leadership and your life?


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