Executive Coaching

Vision Quest Consulting equips leaders with the skills and behaviors to boost their leadership performance, work better together, and achieve truly ambitious goals as they increase their ability to achieve superior business results.  Our Executive Coaching services help organizations grow their leadership bench strength by developing leaders, teams and change agents.

We work with leaders, high potential leaders, and those identified for great career success. Every once in a while organizations have senior managers who exhibit negative behaviors and weak or counterproductive interpersonal skills. Ineffective leadership behaviors can hinder productivity and relationships, and prevent a company from achieving desired business results.

Vision Quest Consulting’s master certified coaches help executives:

  • Develop their potential to exceed their professional goals and personal desires
  • Identify leadership strengths and weaknesses, and address performance and development areas head-on
  • Modify communication styles and strategies to improve individual, employee and team effectiveness
  • Identify interpersonal and organizational roadblocks and develop strategies, tools and actions to overcome them
  • Address problem behaviors that could be career derailers
  • Inspire themselves and others toward greater performance

Leadership Coaching for Organizations

Firm-wide executive coaching initiatives enable organizations to take a comprehensive approach to leadership development and effectively incorporate overall strategic objectives into their leadership development initiatives.

When working throughout an organization, the Vision Quest Consulting team:

  • Assesses existing leadership competencies in teams and individuals
  • Identifies cultural impediments to achieving business goals
  • Ensures new leadership skills, behaviors and frameworks are applied consistently throughout the organization, tied into business goals and strategies, aligned with future direction, and sustainable over time
  • Helps achieve desired business results and return on investment

Leadership Coaching for Individuals

Some organizations choose coaching for individuals with specific leadership or management roles or challenges, including:

  • New hires and on-boarding
  • Top contributors to prepare them for more responsibilities and broader roles
  • High potential leaders and managers
  • Individuals in new leadership roles
  • Increasing impact and raising profile, effectiveness, and results
  • Individuals with communication, cultural, interpersonal or performance challenges

Likewise, individuals often approach Vision Quest Consulting for their own development needs in leadership, career advancement or career navigation. Common challenges include:

  • Re-defining and re-prioritizing what’s most important and aligning the day-to-day with one’s core values
  • Unleashing one’s full potential to create a powerful future
  • Reducing stress, overwhelm and overcapacity
  • Identifying one’s strongest gifts and talents and finding the best way to use them to obtain the results they want
  • Feeling stuck, stale or frozen
  • Getting out of one’s own way and taking new action

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