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This is part 3 of 4 in our series on Communication styles. Our focus on this video is on “The Feeler” style of communicating.

As we have discussed in the previous two videos, we all have a primary style, which we use if given our druthers. It’s a bit like being right or left handed, if given your choice, which hand do you start out using? No style is better than any other style as each one has it’s advantages and challenges. You’ve most likely heard the expression, our strengths can sometimes be our greatest weakness? In terms of communication styles, an overused style, which is seen as one of your strengths may also be one of your greatest challenges. Here are some examples of what I mean. An overused Envisioner style is too much imagining the future and not enough ideas based on reality or getting stuff done. An overused Analyzer style is too much analyzing and weighing the pros and cons and can sometimes be slow to act.

I am assuming by now, you have downloaded the style survey and have taken and scored it. If not, please do so and then watch the video here to understand more.

As a recap, in video #1, we introduced Envisioners, those who like to imagine the future. In video #2, we discussed Analyzers, those who like to solve problems and think logically. In this 3rd video, we now focus on the Feeler. Feelers are people who are motivated by relationships first and foremost. Feelers are often emotional and care more about people than ideas or solving problems as we discussed with the previous styles.

Typical Occupations. Typical Feeler occupations are teachers, social workers, care takers, nurses, and those in the people caring professions.

Whether you are a Feeler yourself and want to learn more about how to leverage this style with others, or you know someone at work or home who is one, understanding this style more fully allows you to navigate your relationships and communicate more effectively more often.