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Your communication style will either draw people to you or will push them away from you. Take this simple style survey we’ve designed (it’s self scoring so you get your results right away) to see what is your primary style and what and how to use it to communicate, negotiate, and influence more effectively. You can download it from the homepage of our website, and then watch the first video to give you an overview and get you started.

4 Styles. There are 4 primary styles. It’s a bit like being right handed. No one uses their right hand for everything but given a choice, if you’re a right-y, your right hand would be your go-to preference. The same is true for our primary style of communicating. When given a choice and not under stress, most people have a default style. Sometimes, when under stress, people change their style, although not everyone. The 4 styles are:

1. Envisioner – Someone who sees possibilities and likes to imagine, think about, and create the future. Entrepreneurs, Creatives. Every CEO I’ve ever coached is an Envisioner.
2. Analyzer – Someone who likes to figure things out, problem solve, deal with details, facts, and numbers.Scientists, engineers, accountants.
3. Feeler – Someone who is oriented around people and relationships. Nurses, teachers, social workers.
4. Doer – Someone who is driven to get things done, fast and before the deadline. Sales people are a good example.

Not everyone is only one style so you might find yourself a combination. Like being ambidextrous. Watch the video to learn more about your style and if you want to take the quiz to find out which one is really you, go to and download it from the homepage of our website.