Case Study

Women’s Leadership Retreats

The Challenge

Susan is an executive with a global Fortune 50 company with a very big job, hundreds of people reporting to her, global responsibility and at the pinnacle of her career. In spite of all of her professional success, Susan found herself so exhausted that she was starting to experience physical health problems she was certain was due to the stress she was under at work. It didn’t help matters that she was the primary financial wage earner in her household and without her continuing to work at the level she was, it wouldn’t be long before their family would be experiencing significant financial difficulties.

The Solution

Susan attended several Vision Quest Consulting Women’s Leadership Retreats (in fact she has attended for the last 7 years and continues to come annually), which provided leadership guidance for professional women. The structure, focus and speakers provided Susan with an opportunity to step back, assess and develop fresh ways to create the future of her leadership. Her peers from the retreat expanded her network, and provided a community of women to support her in player a bigger game and replenishing herself from the inside out.


Susan uses this annual retreat with this community of women to provide her with the necessary space, friendship and learning to look at her work and life to create new ways for her to succeed with less stress and more gravitas. Susan was thrilled to recently accept the new promotion offered to her to Senior Vice President in her company and is thrilled to be able to carve out quality time with her family, in spite of her new very big job.