Case Study

Team Assessment and Development

The Challenge

The CEO of a 25 year-old technology company had a two-year plan to step down as CEO and transition into the role of Chairman of the Board. In addition, his longer-term plan was to acquire outside companies with desirable mobile technologies, and bring the subsequently larger organization public. Recognizing that there would be much change from his own transition, the mergers with a number of international companies and an anticipated IPO, the CEO wanted to identify the right candidate to fill his shoes, create a succession plan and develop a stronger executive team to successfully lead through and beyond the transitions.

The Solution

The CEO engaged Vision Quest Consulting to identify essential leadership competencies to help his team achieve his strategic goals. The Vision Quest Consulting team conducted a 360 assessment to get feedback on the entire executive team. Among the many discoveries was the fact that the team rarely worked together — they had siloed work habits and behaviors. While that way of operating was sufficient for the current state, the leadership team would need to work collaboratively in new and different ways in order to take the company in the direction the CEO envisioned.

Vision Quest Consulting coaches worked with each leadership team member twice a month for more than a year. In addition, they facilitated quarterly leadership team sessions. The workshops incorporated team-building activities, strategic thinking, planning and decision-making, as well as leadership skills, including communication, influencing and conflict management.


As a result of the company’s work with Vision Quest Consulting, the CEO was able to successfully change the company’s organizational structure to reflect business needs and skill sets. The executive team reported that they were now more effective at working together, influencing one another and considering all perspectives. Their focus on leadership competencies and the connection to business results has embedded leadership development throughout the company culture at all levels. In fact, the company now uses the leadership competencies to hire top talent. In addition, the CEO made a successful transition to Chairman of the Board, and his successor was well-positioned to step into the role of CEO. The company made 10 acquisitions in 5 years, remained cash positive, and successfully repositioned the company to go public.