Case Study

Sticking to Strengths

The Challenge

Allison had a long-standing career in operations for a retail company. On a personal quest to be more healthy and happy, she successfully lost 100 pounds. She found, however, that she was still feeling stressed by her job and dissatisfied with her work life. She found herself wanting something more, but was unsure of what that might be.

The Solution

Allison attended a Vision Quest Consulting retreat, which helped her uncover her unique talents and personal strengths. Through workshops at the event and the help of her peers, she discovered that she was a gifted listener and skilled in helping others with their own challenges. At the retreat, Allison had the epiphany that the role of Life Coach was the perfect outlet for her skill-set and preferences. Her new network of peers gave her the confidence and know-how to get started as an Life Coach



Allison is getting certified as a Coach, and plans to start by continuing her full-time job and coaching on a part-time basis.