Case Study

Partnering and Working Effectively With Others

The Challenge

A Senior Vice President of Global Business Services at a Fortune 100 Company was in the height of a growing career and busy home life. Both his manager and Human Resources had identified him as a high-performer in many areas. He was highly strategic and customer-focused, he developed and executed innovative solutions, and he continually delivered results. While his general business skills were excellent, his colleagues viewed him as arrogant and he did not get along well with others. He listened neither well nor respectfully, and he was quick to always have “the answer.” He rarely took others’ perspectives into account, and thereby struggled to partner effectively.

The Solution

A Vision Quest Consulting Coach conducted interviews with the Senior Vice President and other key stakeholders to identify specific opportunities for growth. The client himself wanted to become an engaging and inspiring leader, and develop skills, tools and processes to help him be more organized and meet deadlines in a timely way. Human Resources and the Senior Vice President’s Manager identified the need to develop skills in communication, influencing, building effective teams, and inspiring others. They hoped the Senior Vice President could ultimately develop trust and build rapport across business units, thereby increasing collaboration and creating effective working relationships within the organization. The Vision Quest Consulting Coach worked with the client twice a month for 12 months. In their initial session, they collaboratively developed a project plan that listed specific goals, action steps and anticipated outcomes. The client populated the plan with actual accomplishments and outcomes on a bi-weekly basis as he continued to work towards his leadership goals.

In conjunction, Vision Quest Consulting led leadership workshops with other critical players on the Senior Vice President’s team of direct reports. They conducted individual and team assessments and discussed team dysfunctions to help team members understand their respective leadership styles and modify their interpersonal approach as needed. Vision Quest also conducted team coaching to help the group identify effective and ineffective behaviors and operating principles, and determine where there were opportunities for improvement and growth.


After one year, the Senior Vice President’s manager reports that coaching has been transformative, and he is thrilled with the changes he has observed. Coaching has helped the Senior Vice President build advocacy skills and relationships that have made him a much more effective leader. Personally, the Senior Vice President has a great sense of satisfaction in his progress in areas he didn’t know how to change on his own. He has a different sense of self, and he reports being more sensitive to the needs of those around him. His business results continue to expand, as he has just been given a new role with massive corporate outreach, impact and responsibility and a new title, Executive Vice President.

Other colleagues report that, since their work with Vision Quest Consulting, the team as a whole is easier to work with and is more approachable.