Case Study

Implementing Strategic and Organizational Changes

The Challenge

A Northeast-based insurance business sought to significantly expand its presence across the United States. It needed help envisioning the possibilities, developing a strategic approach, and implementing tactics to reach its leadership goals. The company faced challenges not only around geography, but also related to products and people. Given the extensive growth strategy and goals, the President doubted whether the current management team was the right one to grow the organization into the future. Many team members had multiple years of experience working together, and the team had been successful in getting the company to its current goals and objectives. However, they needed help learning how to leverage their strengths in order to transition from good to great leaders, and take the company forward on its new strategic mission.

The Solution

Vision Quest Consulting started by helping the client build a strategic leadership plan to align with the company’s short and long term business goals and strategy. Next, they conducted an assessment of the existing leadership team to determine if the client company had the right people with the right skills in the right roles for the work required to grow the business. Vision Quest Consulting assessed how people were interacting and how teams were working together. They helped articulate the differences between successful managers and leaders, thereby clarifying, for the client, that their talent pool did not necessarily possess both skill sets.

Over three years, Vision Quest Consulting facilitated a series of strategic off-sites and quarterly check-ins to develop leadership capability within the client company. In addition, they conducted team-building and business strategy sessions, and did extensive executive coaching with all senior managers to hold leaders accountable to the larger strategic plan, their individual goals, as well as their short and long-term results.


As a result of Vision Quest Consulting’s efforts, the company successfully expanded — people-wise, profit-wise and revenue-wise. The senior executive team reported improvements in team-orientation, trust, cooperation, and ability to communicate more honestly and openly. Individuals throughout the executive and management team were also newly aware of and able to capitalize on each other’s strengths. Mostly importantly, members regularly provided constructive feedback to each other rather than keeping thoughts to themselves, working in silos, or getting frustrated.

According to the President, “I can tell you that as a result of all the work and all the coaching and all the interactions with Vision Quest, we took the business national, we doubled our revenues and, at the same time, which is very hard to do, we doubled our productivities….And we hit our profit targets as well….We had a very aggressive, difficult, challenging business plan….And we needed the proper level of leadership and leadership coaching in order to make it happen. And we did it. We did it because we had Vision Quest.”