Case Study

Fitness as a Focal Point

The Challenge

Joan was a successful salesperson at a technology company. Married, with two young children, she was so busy that she had little time to devote to herself and her own well being. One day, she looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Soon after, she started exercising regularly and felt better and better. She still felt, however, that she didn’t have the balance and satisfaction she was looking for in her career and life.

The Solution

Joan attended a Vision Quest Consulting retreat, which gave her the time and space to think about what she really wanted. Through thought-provoking workshops at the retreat, she came to the realization that fitness was an integral and crucial part of her life that should become a focal point rather than an item on her to-do list. The Vision Quest Consulting team provided the structure, and fellow attendees gave her the confidence to make a plan to become a personal trainer. She even signed up personal training clients at the event!


Joan got certified as a personal trainer and continued her education by taking classes in nutrition. She started her own business as an in-home personal trainer, and just recently purchased her own gym. Today Joan uses her business development skills from her “previous life,” but focuses on her love of fitness and well-being, which she gladly shares with her clients and peers.