Case Study

Developing Leadership and Managerial Skills

The Challenge

A Vice President in Marketing had been a successful contributor at a Fortune 50 health care provider for five years. Human Resources and her manager identified her as high-potential with future leadership capability who needed help with her executive presence and some managerial competencies. This Vice President had great promise, but she held herself and managed her team less effectively than was needed to be successful in the long term. She lacked managerial discipline and needed to hone her ability to organize, develop systems, create project plans, and hold her direct reports accountable. Likewise, she lacked the communication skills to effectively deliver feedback, close process loops, influence with impact, and present herself as an executive. In addition, she struggled with hiring the right people for her team.

The Solution

The company hired Vision Quest Consulting to coach and develop an action plan to refine the Vice President’s managerial and leadership skills. To start the coaching engagement, the coach administered a Leadership Style Assessment Tool to get a profile of the Vice President’s approach to leading and managing. In addition, the coach conducted stakeholder interviews with the Vice President’s manager and ten key stakeholders. Based on that collective data, the Vice President’s own interests and goals, as well as input from 360 degree feedback and the Human Resources business partner, the Vision Quest Consulting coach established three pivotal leadership coaching goals. Next, the coach and the Vice President developed an action-planning coaching grid to guide the coaching and address each goal specifically. Over the course of 18 months, the Vice President worked with her coach twice a month and used the grid to populate her action steps and accomplishments.


The Vice President’s manager reported that, thanks to working with her Vision Quest Consulting coach, she made dramatic progress in both focus and maturity, and developed a newfound sense of intensity and skill around managing her team and critical relationships.

The Vice President herself reported that she now had a solid managerial toolkit to work from. She learned new behaviors that shifted her impact, allowing her to influence effectively and add more value in the organization. As a result of her work with Vision Quest Consulting, she was selected to work on a high profile, top-level project in the company and feels excited about the new challenge.

Through her newly developed influencing skills, the Vice President got funding for this major organizational initiative. She is now on the company’s leadership track and is included in senior-level discussions. The results from a company-wide engagement survey show an increase in her scores, and she has recently made her first successful team hire.