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We specialize in assisting high potential and top talent leaders to step into their A-game by expanding their capacity and ability to perform their personal best, inspire their teams to deliver outstanding results, and be a driving force in organizational change. We believe that investing in the potential of your best people is the secret to business success.

Common Client Challenges

With more than 29 years of experience working with managers, directors, senior leaders, executives and CEOs in a variety of industries, many of our clients experience similar challenges. Our leadership development for top and emerging talent programs address a variety of common obstacles:

Strategic and Organizational Changes

  • Rapid business growth
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Mergers or the acquisition of another organization
  • Developing new lines of business / business expansion
  • Navigate organizational changes

Developing Leadership and Managerial Skills

  • Executive presence, positioning and personal brand
  • Counterproductive or inappropriate behavior
  • Communication challenges and strong interpersonal skills
  • Team talent development, productivity, turnover or alignment issues
  • Develop strong organizational advocates and key stakeholders
  • Setting clear organizing priorities with managerial discipline to execute

Partnering and Working Effectively With Others

  • Personal effectiveness to encourage open expression of ideas and opinions
  • Trust and advocacy that impacts, inspires, and builds strong relationships
  • Understand and appreciate other perspectives with a diversified range of backgrounds, experiences, and styles
  • Development of high performing teams that leverage diversity, provide opportunities for, and encourage others to participate leading to an inclusive work environment
  • Partners across boundaries to build alignment, buy-in, and achieve outcomes that benefit all parties

Personal Growth and Effectiveness

  • Determining what’s most important and aligning one’s day-to-day life and work with one’s core values
  • Identifying one’s gifts and talents and finding the best way to use them
  • Managing up, influencing key stakeholders and navigating politics
  • Feeling stuck, stale or frozen
  • Getting out of one’s own way and taking action
  • Developing confidence in oneself and inspiring the confidence of others

Talent Development and Succession Planning

  • Staffing the right leadership team to achieve specific business results
  • Developing top and emerging talent and succession planning
  • Management effectiveness
  • Retention and talent development to develop high potential individuals into future leaders

Team Assessment and Development

  • Clear leadership competencies that support achieving strategic goals
  • Collaborative working relationships; have each others’ back
  • Connect leadership competencies and business results
  • Deliver outstanding results with alignment of teamwork, excellence, leadership, performance, growth, and outcomes
  • Clarity of roles, responsibilities, goals and outcomes

Women’s Leadership

  • Robust women’s leadership forum that produces measurable results
  • Consistently developing women to step into their leadership potential
  • Executive presence and ability to present ideas powerfully with confidence
  • Proactively building a personal leadership brand

Women’s Leadership Retreats

  • Renewed sense of self, power, confidence, and capabilities to create the next phase of leadership
  • Attract more opportunities with ease
  • Expand and stretch vision, voice, capabilities, and impact
  • Nurturing supportive community of professional women


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Team Facilitation

Executives, regardless of their experience and professionalism, are influenced by underlying political and emotional factors. Vision Quest Consulting offers group facilitation and strategic planning sessions to help senior teams develop and launch strategic business initiatives more effectively and efficiently than they can do by themselves. We align team members from different functional areas and help them work together as an equally-committed, cohesive unit.

Strategic Planning Off-Sites

Almost all management teams spend a day to a week every year away from their regular responsibilities to plan for the future. These strategic off-site meetings are designed in partnership with our facilitator and your CEO or Executive Business Leader. A successful strategic planning off-site can:

  • Align executives
  • Galvanize corporate performance
  • Strengthen the company’s position in its industry
  • Explore strategic issues in depth
  • Produce a set of strategic priorities
  • Produce expansive conversations about broad strategic intiatives

Meeting Management

Outside facilitation of senior team meetings and strategy sessions ensures that:

  • Team members communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Groups are aligned on key business goals
  • Critical decisions are reached
  • Roadblocks in working relationships are diminished or eliminated
  • Short and long-term strategies are implemented

Conducting effective meetings saves time and money, and minimizes power struggles and department-centric thinking. Meeting facilitation fosters creative and innovative solutions to long-term issues and challenges.

Team Building

Having an executive team that works well together is essential to company growth and success. Vision Quest Consulting offers team building sessions for executive and management teams to open lines of communication, break down silos, reduce unnecessary relationship blocks, and increase morale and camaraderie.

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