Corporate Education

Leadership Skills Development

Are executives in your organization missing critical skills in communication, conflict resolution, influencing, negotiating or decision-making?

Our leadership training courses build on a foundation of key leadership competencies, and we ensure that participants gain proficiency and excel in developing new skills, approaches and behaviors.

  • We customize our management training programs to reflect your cultural, organizational and business challenges, ensuring that all content is relevant, and new skills can be implemented immediately
  • We align our programs with your immediate and long-term strategies and goals
  • We deliver programs at your site, saving time and money
  • We offer pre and post-workshop assignments to ensure new skills and behaviors are put into practice, reinforced and sustained over time
  • We draw from the leadership expertise of our own team as well as that of a variety of outside thought leaders, including Jim Collins, Peter Senge, Stephen Covey, Larry Bossidy, David Houle, Ram Charan, Julio Olalla, and the Harvard Negotiation Project, among others

Leadership Training Courses


Mastering the Art of High Stakes Conversations
Executive Presentations
Interviewing Skills and Techniques

Talent Management

Providing Constructive Feedback
Managing Talent and Performance

Execution and Results

Strategic Decision Making: Influence, Power and Presence
Negotiation Essentials
Dimensions of Success: Navigating Impact vs. Risk

Management Development

Introduction to Leadership
Resolving Conflict
Managers and Leaders as Coaches
Motivational Management

Women Leaders

Women’s Leadership Development


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Our Team

Vision Quest Consulting’s team has more than 20 years of leadership development experience working with executives in corporations and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. We are current and former line and HR executives, as well as master-level certified coaches and trainers. We collectively hold a variety of advanced degrees, from business and psychology to organizational development and law.

We are passionate about learning, discovery, the mastery of leadership development skills and the attainment of critical business results. We help individuals become their best selves by teaching them the skills necessary to create the results they desire. We are deeply committed to bring out the best in individuals and teams, and help organizations achieve their desired end goals.

Meet the Vision Quest Consulting Management Team

WENDY CAPLAND, Chief Executive Officer advises the top corporations in America on leadership. See what other great stuff our CEO does!

ASHLEY STONE, Business Development
STEVE ALLEN MEDIA, Public Relations
STEPHAN LAENEN, Information Technology

Senior Consultants, Coaches and Trainers:

Philip Abrams
Dave Ancel, Ed.D
Karen Aznoian
Deb Bercume, MS, CPC
John Boisvert
Pam Boney
Peter Bopp
Joanne Brem, PCC, CPCC
Janet Britcher
Sandye Brown, MCC
Boris Carl
Elizabeth Carrington, MCC
Eleanor Chin
Jen Cohen
Sherry Dutra, PCC
Jessika Ferm
Fredrick Fogelberg
Amy Elizabeth Fox, MA
Erica Fox, J.D.
Michele Gravelle
Rob Greenly
Kate Harper, PCC
Kathy Holub, JD
Bernd Kappel
Ann Houston Kelley
Jeffrey Kerr
Helen Kosinski
Sandor Kovacs
Steve Lishansky
Terrie Lupberger
Julie Magrath
Christine McDougall
Barbara McMahon
Craig Miller
Andrew L. Miser, Ph.D.
Martha Miser, Ph.D.
Wynne Miller, MCC
Casey Mitchell
Jenn Morgan
Linda Netsch, JD
Karen O’Donnell, PCC
Sydney A. Paredes
Suzi Pomerantz, MT, MCC
Lauren Powers, MCC
Alan Price, JD
Karine Remolu
John Richardson
Claudette Rowley, MSW, PCC
Uwe Schollmeyer
Christa Schöning, MCC
Angelique Skoulas
Jane Wells
Claudyne Wilder

Vision Quest Consulting is based in the Boston area, with a team of leadership consultants, coaches and trainers throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

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Our programs are only as good as the results they deliver. We understand the importance of being able to evaluate the impact of our work and measure return on client investment.

Vision Quest Consulting provides clients with tools, models and processes to see, first-hand, how our leadership programs help their key leaders and managers reach critical business goals.

Executive Coaching Investment Yields Notable Financial Return

According to a research study conducted by the Manchester Group, Inc.:

Executive Coaching yields return on investment of almost six times the initial investment in a typical coaching assignment — or a return of more than $100,000 per executive.”
– The Manchester Group

Leadership Training Pays for Itself and Then Some

A recent analysis conducted by a utilities services company found that, 6 months after leadership training was provided to operations team leaders, they saw a 23% improvement in productivity, an 18% improvement in quality and a 14.5% improvement in efficiency. Applying monetary value to each and factoring in the cost of the training, they calculated a 652% return on their training investment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

100% of Vision Quest Consulting clients surveyed would recommend leadership coaching to their colleagues

95% of Vision Quest Consulting clients surveyed said that our leadership training courses met or exceeded their expectations

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